Shimmery Sun Showers

by FlyKingi

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[ Verse 1 ]
Its the Fly King start my conga
just flew in from the Congo
just rolled up in Madrona, like what the hell is a loaner

its the Fly King California
now welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games
and more jacksons than Jermaine ( Hee Hee )

Met this chick in Fiji name Phebe
she said Fly King I heard ya whole cd
i bang the Chronicles in my Tee pee
in Paris they adore me Oui Oui like Yeezy

[ Chorus ]
[ Verse 2 ]

got soilders got armed men
in San Diego like Carmen
counting green mint in the parlament
haters upset like awwe man
when your in the booth its no use
you sound like shit chucked up deuce
im in the foreign car with the double hoops
smoking more roots than A&W
whatever you make i'll double 2
sick house with a cancer room
diabeties den com visit me
gotta guest house call amputee

and a minx coat when its cold it helps
when im in New York on Rosevelt
MK scarf Michael Kors the belt
im so gassed excuse the beltch
fashion photo shoots excuse the Elle
im very rich bitch excuse the wealth
you know i jam excuse the Weltch
and when you hit the stage I excuse myself

[ Chorus ]
[ Bridge ]


released June 9, 2012



all rights reserved