Candy Wrapper [ Liquorice Remix ]

by Flykingi

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Candy Wrapper [ Liquorice Remix ]
taken from the 'Ransom: A collection of hits & kidnapped tracks'
Mixtape coming soon!


Bring the beat in!
Smoking on Indo, Juice put some Gin in

Lay the track out, I’ll dry clean the linen
I been fly from start from beginning

You marks get set go run find some business
Hey, I got more bars then a prism
I typed your name and couldn't find no listings

See, Im Hollywood via club Key
Molesting the track like Sandusky
I spit hits.. Spit Hits like San-Dus-Skeet
Rolling down the street demolition derby
With Lidnsey top back Herby
She got a stitched Herve, what the haters goin say

I still wave to em from the concierge
And Garson I need a glass of Cavasier
Ad a little rum cuz im finna go dumb
Buckle up my Wangs and stomp on them

Like Fee Fii Foe Fum
When the Fly King rises with a 40lbs gun
Boom boom boom finna slit a few wombs
Shoot a few Goblins hit a few Goons
Got a few Cars push a few Toons
Got the Moves like Maroon
They say I can’t bride like the groom, so they Terry McMillian and hit Marvin’s Room

No you can’t argue yo, when they play my audio and sip Adios
Foot on the gas Fly King Gotta Go
Ohh yeen know the Out article
I know you mad and its so hard to cope
The Mont Blanc chain that sits round the throat
The bombers Balmain that sits round the Throne
The Lion King with prints and Pride Rocks on

Im gonna be a mighty King that no king was before
Im brushing up im looking down
Donatella to the floor (bring the beat in )

When im in Tom Ford it costs more the a Ford
And the places I escape it cost more than you afford
You in a Yukon on 4's, lower than the floor
I’m in something you aint seen before

Can I get freestyle, Nah bitch call a stylist up
When I address the beat with all the latest trends designer stuff
I need that gasoline that premium so get cha mileage up
Skin like Coffee Bean so the swear that I’m a star with bucks

Bitch you need binoculars, I’m riding in rhinoceros
you spit that's just not logical
but when I order bars its in order chronological
You rap step-son while I spit biological
inside the closet chronicle

( hahahaha )

It’s the FlyKingi ohhh
What time do the club close
The party don't stop till im outro
we can jam all night yeah

It’s the FlyKingi ohhh
Yes im soaring high sir
Flying Quantum 5 by
We can fly al night yeah


released August 3, 2012



all rights reserved